Auto Insurance Melbourne Fl

“Auto insurance Melbourne Fl” is a common search online.  So how do you sift through all of the results you find?  How do you know what company to choose since there are so many?  We find because many people here on the Space Coast are unfamiliar with their current policy, they have an even harder time picking a new policy.  BCA Insurance is here to help!


Auto Insurance Melbourne Fl

Cost Vs. Coverage

At BCA we pride ourselves on our communication skills.  We want to make sure you fully understand the coverage levels you are purchasing because we want to ensure you have enough coverage.  Many people do not fully understand what will and what will not be covered if a claim is filed.   We help you determine what coverages you need so you are truly protected.  It is not always about having the lowest policy cost, but finding the best deal for the money.  If an extra few dollars a month could possibly save you $50,000 in the event of a claim, then it is well worth it.

Names you Know and Trust

As an independent agency we can shop multiple carriers to find you the best deal possible.  We can help you check the names you already know like Progressive and Gieco, while also offering other great options.  We have been in the insurance industry for years which gives us the know how and contacts to shop around for your best deal.  Our job is to make sure you are more than happy with the final choice.

Upfront and Honest

Even if we determine we are not the best option for you, we make sure to let you know.  We will never place you in a plan that’s not right for you or that you could secure for less without our help.  Working with us does have it’s advantages though.  We are always here to answer questions and help you file claims.  The days of waiting for an hour on hold or trying to navigate through an automated system are over.  We are real, local people with an office you can walk into.

The next time you are tempted to search for “Auto Insurance Melbourne Fl” make sure to call BCA Insurance! Click here for our address and click here to follow us on Facebook!

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