car insurance melbourne fl

Car Insurance Melbourne Fl

Car Insurance Melbourne Fl: There are so many facets to car insurance.  We have written a few articles about it in the past.  The first talks about why BCA is a great choice, and the second discussed some money saving tips, especially as polices expire.  Both are important to understand because they could potentially save you a lot of money per month.  This month, we are going to discuss some common reasons you car insurance may go up and how to avoid it!

Insurance Claims

Did you file an insurance claim against your policy recently?  If this is the case, it should be no surprise that your rates are increasing.  If the accident caused significant damage to your vehicle, another vehicle, or properly it is likely rise as well.  Generally speaking, this is why we recommend to pay for damage out of pocked it if it below your deductible limit and in minor.  This way you avoid filing a claim, and in turn raising your rate for potentially years to come.

Not all insurance companies will raise your premium immediately following an accident.  There are several options that take your previous pricing history into account.  If you have been with an insurance company for years and never had an incident, you may not see an increase.  Working with an independent like BCA Insurance helps you find the right option based on the record you have.

Speeding Tickets

Any type of moving violation can cause an increase in your premium.  Why?  Insurance companies assume that because you are not following the laws of the road.  This means you are at higher risk of an accident.  The good news is these moving violations do not stay in your record forever, but you could pay the price for several years.  It’s always a good idea to do anything possible to get the ticket dismissed. At the very least, take the driver retraining courses that are offered.  When you complete the course, you can potentially reduce a rate increase by showing your insurance company you are serious about driving safe.  Skip the class and risk the increase in premium.

New Drivers

Are you a parent?  Did your child recently get his or her license?  Are they covered under your plan?  If so, expect an increase.  Because these new drivers are inexperienced, insurance companies assume they are higher risk.  We see this occur often.  Even if you have a perfect dicing record and never filed claim, your premium may be raised.  BCA knows the best insurance companies to work with when you need a family policy.  Because we are independent, we can find you the best deal among all of the carries.

Car Insurance Melbourne Fl

If you have questions regarding you car insurance, just give us a call!  When you search for “Car Insurance Melbourne Fl” look for BCA – we’re the best independent insurance company on the Space Coast!

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car insurance melbourne fl




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