Pet Insurance Melbourne FL

Pet Insurance in Melbourne Fl

The number of insured dogs and cats in the United States is currently over 1.4 million. Believe it or not, this number represents  less than 1 % of the total number of dogs and cats in the US.  Often times our clients explain that they had no idea they could insure their furry family members.  BCA can help you navigate the insurance world not only for you and your family, but for your pets too.  Here are some points to consider when you are shopping for pet insurance in Melbourne Fl.

Regular visits to the veterinarian will extend your pet’s life

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, the more frequently your pet is under the care of a veterinarian, the healthier they’ll be.  This means they will live longer, happier lives.  This is especially true as your pet ages.  Make sure your pet’s golden years are happy and carefree with the right preventive care.

pet insurance in melbourne fl

Vet bills are Unexpected

This is one of the main purposes for insurance in general – You never know what is going to happen.  The same way an unexpected injury or illness can break the bank for a person, the same can happed for a pet.  Even for younger cats and dogs, complications can arise.  Often times these bills can be in the thousands of dollars.  You’ve probably personally viewed crowd fundraising for sick pets on GoFundMe.  Why leave the health of your beloved pet to the chance strangers will help you afford their care?  Pet insurance prevents all of this from occurring.

Veterinary Costs are More Expensive than Ever

When you shop for pet insurance in Melbourne Fl, consider the rising costs here on the Space Coast.  Many of our families are using state of the art technology to treat our pets which is great!  The downside is that with better technology, comes increased costs.  You can offset these costs by selecting a preventive plan and ensuring major covered expenses will be covered.

pet insurance melbourne fl

You’ll Never Have to Choose

Insurance will allow you to do what is right for your pet and not just what you can afford.  Many people, (including the author of this article) have been put in the situation of having to make a choice.  In my case, I never thought I would be willing to spend thousands on my pug for an operation.  When the time came however, the choice had to be made – pay for a surgery or put her to sleep.  After looking at my pug sitting on the table, starting at me for help, I knew there was no choice.  I had to try everything.  Had I had the proper levels of insurance, this costly surgery would have been covered at no expense.  To this day, I’m happy I made the choice, she is still alive and well 5 years later.

It’s Incredibly Easy and Affordable

At BCA we make it very easy for those shopping for pet insurance in Melbourne FL.  Applications only take minutes to process, and there are ample amounts of options for you and your pet.  The best part is, this small investment can help you save thousands in the future.

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When it’s time to find pet insurance in Melbourne FL, call BCA Insurance.  Because of our experience in the industry and excellent customer service skills, you’ll love the experience.

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